Google Now Blocking Santy Worm

The good news is that Google is now blocking the Santy worm.

The the bad news is that people in the antivirus and computer security communities believe that Google could have and should have responded sooner.

From a article:

When the Santy.a worm started spreading on Tuesday, Mikko Hypponen [research director for antivirus company F-Secure] knew he had a way to stop the worm in its tracks. The only problem: He had trouble finding the right people to talk to at search giant Google…”It is frustrating from our point of view when we know that one little change could stop this worm, right now,” he said Tuesday morning. “Someone over there needs to wake up, get some coffee and shut this thing down.”

Timothy Keanini, chief technology officer for security appliance maker NCircle, adds:
“The ironic thing is that, with the threat being very well known and with some Google employees being the smartest people in security, they aren’t being very responsive to threats that they should have known about,” he said.

Google’s Marissa Mayer tells
“Security is something that we have to have even more renewed focus on”…To make information accessible and usable, it’s implicit that you have to do it in a secure way. That makes security a precursor to our mission.”

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