A Conversation With MSN’s Justin Osmer

Internetnews.com’s Susan Kuchinskas had a chat with MSN product manager Justin Osmer last week during SES and her report is now available. Microsoft Search to be Pervasive.

You’ll read about the development of the MSN’s algorithmic search engine (it took about 18 months) and their just released desktop search app/toolbar suite.

“We believe it makes more sense to have [desktop search] based in the client environment,” Osmer said. “From both the security standpoint and user testing, we found that when I’m looking for something on my PC, I want to be on my PC, and I don’t want a bunch of Web results clogging my PC.” He added that there are safety implications in caching or indexing previously viewed Web pages, as Google Desktop Search does, so MSN chosen not to do that.

The article also includes comments from Osmer about beta releases (including a knock at Google?) and Microsoft’s plans for releasing API’s once MSN Search officially launches.

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