Google’s HR Challenge

The article: Will Google stay as hot as its lava lamps takes a look at what the company will faces from a human resources perspective as it works to keep its top spot. We’ve read similar articles in the past.

This new article focuses on recruitment (especially vs Microsoft), company perks* (a daycare center is in the works), and the possibility that Google veterans will cash out and leave the company. Just last week we learned that Cindy McCaffrey, vice president of corporate marketing (and someone who should get PLENTY of credit for Google’s succcess) is leaving the company. In October, Evan Williams, the founder of Pyra Labs/Blogger decided to leave Google. Jupiter’s Gary Stein also points out that other tech companies have “lost farsighted leaders” like Jobs and Wozniak at Apple.

Google’s challengers not only face developing new and better technology but then getting the potential users to visit their service and realize/understand that it might offer advantages over what they’ve been using at Google. In other words, to some degree they need to change user behavior at a time when many people believe that if it’s not in the Google database or if Google doesn’t offer the service, the info doesn’t exist and/or the service isn’t all that useful.

* One of Google’s most well-known perks, the tasty food provided free to everyone at the Googleplex, was just discussed in a S.F. Chronicle story: Variety of healthy food fills up oodles of Googlers
Search engine workforce gets meals for free

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