Google Will Be Featured on 60 Minutes this Sunday

2005 will get underway with something we saw a lot of in 2004, media attention for Google.

At the moment, the company is scheduled to profiled in a 60 Minutes (a top-rated news program in America) segment this Sunday.

A “text version” with highlights from the 60 Minutes piece was posted this afternoon on the CBS News web site. However, I just noticed that the text of the article is no longer available online. Perhaps it was first posted by mistake.

Here are a few of my notes from the now unavailable article.

Searchblog’s John Battelle offers comments throughout the article.

+ How after the IPO Sergey purchased a new car and t-shirt.

+ That Brin and Page still share one “tiny” office.

+ How Sergey wants to finish his Ph.D.

+ What’s Eric Schmidt’s daily worry? Managing a company that’s growing as fast as Google. Human resources issues at Google were recently blogged about in this post.

+ Schmidt is also quoted saying that the search business isn’t a zero-sum game.

+ The company has never run a television commercial. Btw, Danny mentioned about a week ago that Cindy McCaffrey, one of the key people in Google’s marketing/branding success, has decided to leave the company.

+ The good food at the Googleplex. Note: Google is looking for chefs!

+ Brin and Page?s breakthrough was a series of algorithms — software code — that created a ranking system by relevance for the Internet.
Yes, the Google Guys deserve plenty of credit but so do Jon Kleinberg, Eugene Garfield, and others.

+ A mention of Google’s “don’t do evil” philosophy.

+ Google has teams working on all sorts of change-the-world ideas.
“Change-the-world ideas” include machine translation and video search. Yes, of course, many other companies have also been working on these types of technolgies for many years. It will be interesting to see if they mention this fact during the broadcast.

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