FyberSearch Gains Ignore Tag To Help With Blog Spam

Nathan Enns of FyberSearch dropped me an email to say he saw my
for search engines to consider an ignore tag and implemented it for his own FyberSearch search engine. More details and instructions in the
press release at his site. OK, so FyberSearch is a tiny search engine, and the command is specific to it. This action isn’t
going to stop the problems bloggers and other publishers have. But it’s a nice start!

For more background on the call for search engines to consider new tools for publishers, see my Comment Spam?
How About An Ignore Tag? How About An Indexing Summit!
post. Discussion is also on-going in this forum thread:
Time For An Indexing Summit? I share within it that I’ll likely set-up a summit-like panel for our next
SES show in New York.

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