Tension at the Googleplex?

News.com offers up a discussion of some of the human resources issues that Google has to or will need to deal with: Google riches outed on the Web.

Just a week ago, Eric Schmidt told 60 Minutes that managing a company growing so quickly is an “internal enemy” and a daily worry.

The News.com article focuses on “unaccustomed tensions” at the Googleplex since even small sales of stock (by many Googlers NOT just top shareholders) need to be reported to the SEC.

“The whole culture’s really strange when there are two people in the same cubicle and one’s worth $1 million and the other is worth nothing and they both know it,” said one person close to the company. “It’s created this asymmetry where some people feel more entitled than others.”

Stefanie Olsen and Michael Kanellos also cite “sources” that “many other” early Googlers will leave the company early this year after a stock option lock-up ends. Google’s vp of corportate marketing has already announced her plans to leave the company.

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