New Tool: Is Your Site is Google “Hack” Proof?

The article: McAfee automates Google hacking, introduces SiteDigger 2.0, some new and free software from Net security firm McAfee that will help webmasters see if sensitive info from their site is being indexed and exposed by Google.

The free service should help Webmasters stay informed about what information is out there regarding their sites, said Chris Prosise, vice president of worldwide professional services for security technology company McAfee.

You’ll need a Google API license to use SiteDigger 2.0.

Good idea. Sure. However, I don’t understand why Google is always the only web engine mentioned when it comes to “hacking.” Yes, Google is most popular engine right now but other large web databases exist and simply thinking that sensitive and unsecure info can only be found in one specific web database is not accurate. Here’s an August post from Search Engine Optimization and Marketing News North that shows material from which was then available in Google (and reported on by was also accessible via Yahoo.

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