SEMCares: Calling On SEM Industry To Help With Tsunami Relief

After watching the tsunami news, search marketer Gregory Markel wondered if there was something the SEM community could do to help. The new
web site launched today was the result.

One idea at the site might be controversial, the suggestion on the home page that SEM firms should optimize pages for things like “tsunami” and then link to their favorite
support organization from these pages.

Controversial? If a number of pages actually make it into the top results without direct information on the tsumami but instead just link to tsunami information and relief
pages, that wouldn’t serve searchers well.

On the other hand, the search engines ought to be smart enough to see that the new pages are linking to the more important “authority” pages, which should in turn help keep
those authority pages high.

Certainly there’s nothing controversial over the suggestion that people within the SEM community simply link to relief
organizations directly from existing pages. People all over the web in all types of industries are already doing this. A list of organizations is also listed at the site.

Another part of the site allows those who have contributed in some way with SEM efforts to log publicly or anonymously
what they’ve done.

The site is focused on tsunami relief efforts right now, but it’s designed to encompass other charitable work or activities in the future. To that end, if might be nice if
the site evolved some type of “matchmaking” service, where a charity or non-profit could request SEM help and get it from firms that would volunteer their time.

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