Part 2: Mentioning Google For Good PR

A few months ago I blogged about people mentioning their number Google position or high PageRank in press releases and on some online news sites. Nathan over at Inside Google also posted on the topic several times. The LA Times even ran a story on the topic that Danny discusses here.

Well, it looks like this silly (but fun) trend? will continue in 2005. I’ll kick off the 2005 list of examples with one I spotted today. It has the editor of a UK new car web site saying a number one ranking (that he admits changes frequently) means that the site is the “most relevant source” of info on the topic:

New Car Net is all Google-eyed
“Internet car guide, New Car Net, has started 2005 from the top of the search engine tree for the search term ‘new cars’ on Google. This ranking confirms New Car Net as the most relevant source of information on new cars in the UK.” said Editor-in-Chief, Massimo Pini.”

For me, “most relevant” and the number spot at Google (or for any open web/general purpose engine) are not the same thing. High quality, current and authoritative content is what’s important to me and I think many researchers. Plus, as this site and and others have pointed out over the years, HIGHLY relevant results can fall well beyond the top spot of a serp.

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