2005 Ad Spend To Rise 30 Percent; Search In 2004 Ranked Third

A Deutsche Bank/MediaPost survey predicts ad spend will increase 30 percent in 2005. Looking back at 2004, 42 percent of ad spend went toward branded ads, according to the
survey based on questioning 100 media executives. Direct response followed at 24 percent, then paid search at 10 percent. Paid search might involve some branding or direct
response, of course, but the survey doesn’t seem to encompass this.

What will be hot in 2005, in terms of new focus. Half said behavioral targeting, followed by video ads at 21 percent, then local search and pay-per-call coming in at 16
percent. General search ads don’t make that list? If not, it sounds like because it may not have been included as something new as a focus area.

MediaPost has more details in Deutsche Bank: Online Ad Spend Could Grow By 30 Percent In 2005.

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