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I met up with Sean O’Rourke at our SES Chicago show who’s heavily into shopping search and threatened to launch a blog on the topic. Now he’s done it. The
Organized Shopping Blog looks promising, so if you’re a retailer interested in the important area of shopping search, you
may want to tune in.

I’ve also been meaning to mention JenSense. That’s a blog launched several weeks ago by Jennifer Slegg, more commonly known to many
as Jenstar, moderator of WebmasterWorld’s Google AdSense forum. Aside
from being one of the nicest people you could meet, those I know into generating money from AdSense tell me she’s one of the sharpest people you can talk to.

We don’t cover much about contextual here, because as I’ve written before, it’s not search. But it IS important to online advertisers and publishers, so check out Jen’s

To close things out, search marketing firm Reprise Media’s just started its new blog SearchViews that’s taking a look
at search as a whole.

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