Yahoo Gains Financial Feeds; A Revisit To Yahoo News Feeds

Yahoo gained RSS feeds for news content last fall, and now it has regained them for the
Yahoo Finance service, Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny reports in his Yahoo
Finance RSS Feeds Return

For financial feeds, visit the Yahoo Finance RSS feed tool that’s now been created. Enter a symbol, and magically, logos to add
the feed to your My Yahoo account or any newsreader through an XML icon and URL will appear. Slick.

Note that the tool doesn’t check whether the company stock symbol you enter is valid, so ensure that you have it correct first. Jeremy notes in his post that you can enter
multiple symbols separated by commas (yhoo,goog) to make a "portfolio" style feed.

How about a revisit to getting those Yahoo News feeds? OK! First, visit the Yahoo News RSS Feed page. There, you’ll find a variety
of feeds in various categories such as "science" or "health" have already been created.

Not enough? Need something custom. Scroll down to the search box, enter a term and a feed will load in your browser. Ugh — that needs to change to work like the Yahoo
Finance tool, where you get clickable links.

Have no fear, there’s a better workaround. Go to Yahoo News, do a keyword search for what you are interested in. Now look in the
right-hand column of the page. You’ll see an "ADD TO MY YAHOO! / RSS" section. Use the My Yahoo button that’s offered to subscribe through My Yahoo or the XML icon to
subscribe through other means.

As a reminder, over at MSN Search, feed support web search results was added this week. More on that here:
MSN Search Makes RSS Search Feeds Official

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