More On The Endless Betas Of Google

Spotted via Andy,
Caveat beta, Google fans from ZDNet UK picks up on what I raised in my
Most Of Google In Beta post in December. Google’s playing the beta game with its products far too long.

I’ve been on two discussion boards this week where some have dismissed problems with Google products as excusable because they are in beta. Hey, you lose the right to claim
product failings as a beta issue after a certain period of time. I can’t say exactly when that is — but how about two or three months, rather than two or three years?

For the record, Google News is better described not as “over two years old” but “nearly three,” as it has a birthday coming in March.

If you’re a Search Engine Watch member, be sure to also see my
Breaking Out Of Google’s Beta Limbo that charts when major Google services were launched
and how they they were (or still are) in beta.

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