10GB of Free Storage Space

Since the beta launch of Gmail, its 1GB of free online space, and several hacks that can turn the space into a virtual hard drive, many of the other online email providers have increased the amount of space available either for free or for a small fee making online storage another area for competition.

I thought I would point out this recent News.com article: Company offers 10GB of Net storage, for free, that discusses a new and free offering from Streamload where you’re given (registration took me all of 20 seconds) 10GB of remotely accessible storage space for free. That’s the good news. The virtual desktop is getting closer. The bad news (actually, it’s not all that bad) is that with Streamload’s free service there are monthly and yearly download limits of 100mb/month and 1.2GB/year. Of course, Streamload also offers several fee-based storage/download plans that allow the user unlimited storage and additional download bandwidth beyond 100mb/month. Btw, you can even drag and drop files from your computer and stream audio/video material directly from your storage area. This one is worth a look. I’m looking forward to spending some time with this one.

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