Googlefone: Fast Way To Use Google’s Phone Book

Google has a phone book search service, but you might not realize it. A new site, spotted via Google
Blogoscoped, makes it easier to tap into it Google PhoneBook.

Visit Googlefone, and you can enter a name of a person or business, plus some location data, and you’ll be shown any matching
publicly-listed numbers that Google knows about.

Tara Calishain has a long-standing interface that works similarly. It will only check business listings, but
the drop down box with US states is nice.

Courtesy of Tara, another write-up from her explains how you can also use some power commands or search
syntaxes to tap into the phonebook. Do a query like:

phonebook: edwards california

That will show all business or residential listings that match. Use bphonebook to just check for business listings and rphonebook to just check for
residential listings.

Meanwhile, Gary reminds that Argali is his current favorite tool for doing phone lookups. You’ll find his review here:
A Multi-Faceted Phone Directory Lookup Tool.

He also notes that Yahoo provides a way to check its own phone service, Yahoo People Search. Unlike Google, Yahoo conveniently
provides its own direct interface right on its site, rather than leaving it for others to create.

The idea that people might find your phone number freak you out? Get an unlisted number, as these services pull from public sources. But you can use special forms at
Yahoo and Google to get out of their listings, if you’re
currently showing.

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