Shame On You: Tsunami Search Spammers

From, Tsunami scammers manipulate Google rankings explains that an alleged
phishing site is ranking higher on Google than the actual China Charity Federation web site, potentially causing people donating to tsunami relief to send their money to the
wrong place.

The site in question,, is still ranking tops at Google despite the web site
apparently having been closed down. The site is also ranked first and second at Yahoo, third at
Ask Jeeves but not at all at the
MSN Search beta

Kudos to MSN? Well, the official web site of is second at Google, tenth at Yahoo and Ask Jeeves but not in the first page of results at all over at MSN. So
MSN doesn’t send you to the wrong place — but neither do you get to the right one.

FYI, the story reports that the real site is at, but that domain isn’t working for me. My assumption is that the correct address is the one shown above.

Postscript: A reader tells me is the correct site.

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