Update On New MSN Search Going Live

Yesterday, I noted that when I visited the regular MSN Search site,
I got the look and results that also show at the beta MSN Search site like a growing number of
others. So what’s the deal. Is the beta gone? Am I just one of the increasing number of those being
shown the beta as MSN has promised would happen this month. And if and when the beta site really is out of
beta, won’t it stop saying beta on the site?

From Microsoft, this statement:

MSN has been recently scaling up and scaling down the MSN Search beta service. This continues to be part of the testing process as we near the final version and incorporate
user feedback. Until we fully launch the site, you may expect to see various changes occurring. Once the service is final, the "beta" label will be removed.

In other words, it’s not out of beta yet. Even if you see the "beta" site now showing up when you visit the main site, others may not. But when the word "beta" disappears,
then it’ll be official for everyone.

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