Google AdWords API Said Coming

Silicon Valley Watcher reports in Google to provide AdWords API to Advertisers
that Google is to provide a way for advertisers to control exactly how their ads will be displayed on its network through an API that will be released.

An API would be useful for those who want to construct systems to interface with Google’s ad management system. It would be easier to upload new ads, change creative and
bids and so on.

However, the story’s suggestion that advertisers might also be able to control exactly where ads would appear on the network would go well beyond the control Google
currently gives — or more correctly doesn’t give — to advertisers. Our Kraft Supports Pro-White Groups? Lack
Of Search Ad Targeting Makes It So
post from earlier this month looks at some of the problems with that in more depth.

Want to comment or discuss? Our Google to Open Up API to AdWords Customers thread in the
forums has people already talking, including moderator AussieWebmaster, who confirms the API exists and that he’s been using it for the past month, though he not able to say
more beyond that.

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