Scirus Offers Comments About Google Scholar

A just published issue of the Scirus newsletter includes a few comments about how Scirus views their product as compared to what Google offers with Google Scholar. Scirus is a service of the massive science publisher, Elsevier.

From the Scirus Newsletter:
Google has recently launched a beta-version of Google Scholar. Since we received many questions on how Scirus compares to Google, we would like to take this opportunity to share our viewpoint with you.

In 2001, Elsevier already recognized that researchers and students have a strong need to not only search literature but also relevant scientific information on the Web, such as working papers, lab reports, author home pages, courseware etc. Scirus has been developed to do exactly that: It filters scientifically relevant content on the Web from the content that is not relevant for research or education purposes.

Using proprietary algorithms and index methods tuned to identify and capture relevant scientific relevant information on the Web, Scirus is able to cover the scientific Web in great depth.

As far as we know, Google Scholar does not cover the broader scientific Web, but instead focuses only on articles and books. Although the products may appeal to similar audiences they serve a
different purpose.

In December, Information Today’s Paula Hane chatted with Ammy Vogtlander, general manager of Scirus and her interview contains much more about how Scirus views their product vs. Google Scholar.

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