New Nofollow Support & Looking At Vote Links

Over at the Google Blog, the announcement about the
nofollow link attribute has been updated at the bottom to note some additional blogging tools and others
lending support.

It also notes that Technorati has a draft specification up for the attribute. It’s not clear to me if this is something Technorati is drafting for itself or instead for
proposal to the W3C.

That nofollow spec also links over to another, earlier Vote Links spec. Vote Links suggests a way that people
can indicate — at least to Technorati — whether they actually approve of a link or dislike it. Technorati rolled out
support of that in November 2004.

The idea of being able to have positive and negative links that point at others has been discussed for ages. Just a tiny, tiny sampling:

Now that nofollow has made it into the major search engines, will something like Vote Links follow? We effectively have two out of the three:

  • Regular link: A positive vote
  • Nofollow link: An abstention

What’s missing is some way to overtly negative link to people. I wouldn’t lobby for such a thing to come to the major search engines, for the moment. It would easily be

Want to discuss or comment on the nofollow attribute? Visit our forum thread, The New Nofollow
Link Attribute

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