Cool Tools: Jux2 and NeedleSearch in the News

I’m happy to see that that two cool tools that we’ve mentioned several times on the blog are discussed in a new Forbes article: Searching For Searches.

First, you’ll read about Jux2. This resource allows you to quickly compare search engine overlap between Google, Yahoo, and MSN. For those of you who do web search training, Jux2 is a wonderful resource to show students that results vary (often dramatically) between engines. is a similar service that Chris wrote about in a SearchDay article.

The Forbes article goes on to mention a couple of plugins for Firefox including one that I’ve been using for over a year called NeedleSearch. This plugin allows you easily (two clicks) capture the search functionality from most search engines and map it to a toolbar. You can learn more about NeedleSearch in an overview article I wrote for SearchDay.

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