Tsunami Ads For Gift Cards? Google, Where’s the Review?

Danny’s item about Google Adwords, reminded me to post something I’m noticing more and more, ads that have little to do with what the keyword(s) being purchased and/or the text of the ad.

We’ve heard many times that Google eventually reviews all ads. However, I’m beginning to wonder how long this review process takes. Here are two examples:

+ The search for: “tsunami asia” shows an ad (screen capture) that tells me I might be eligible for a $250 gift card if I enter personal info, complete a survey, and fufill other requirements. Hmmm. What this has to do with the tragedy in Asia is beyond me. This ad does not appear on Yahoo.

+ For the past 6 weeks I’ve noticed an ad (screen capture) for “disturbing ghost footage” appearing on results page for various search terms, many that don’t include the term “ghost.” When you click the ad, you’ll find an online poll asking for an email address. The first page of the ad says that the “video” is on the second page. However, the second page offers no information.

Want more? No problem. The same set of results also includes the following ads:
+ “Ghost & Paranormal Proof?”
Again, claims that you can register (with an email address) to see videos. The ad offers no info about a video.
+ “View Ghost Pictures Here”
Again, just looking for an address. This is the same ad (minus a few words) that appears when clicking the “disturbing ghost footage” ad mentioned earlier.

Finally, last week I pointed out a “silly” Google ad offering a dating service for “Sexy but Dead” singles. If you look at the last ad listed in today’s search, you’ll spot an another ad for singles. This time, the singles are still sexy but they’ve become ghosts. (-:

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