Yahoo Testing YQ “Search By Example” Tool

Yahoo is launching a new tool that lets you submit all or part of a web page that you’re viewing as a search query, rather than the traditional method of typing words into a search box. The tool, called Y!Q, analyzes the content you’ve submitted and extracts the most relevant terms from the page, and presents results accordingly.

It’s an interesting idea. Northern Light used to allow searchers to cut and paste an entire web page as a search query, but you had no way to refine results. Y!Q allows you to tweak results in several ways, even letting you add subsequent search result pages into the mix with just a click of a link. Today’s SearchDay article, Yahoo Offers New Contextual Search Tool, describes this cool new utility, available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Want to discuss? Would adding sponsored links make this a threat to Google AdSense? Join the discussion in our forum thread, Yahoo Testing Contextual Search Tool.

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