SMA-UK Takes Flak Over Lack Of Updates

The honeymoon is over for SMA-UK, as SMA-UK get’s a Kickin’ in the Forums over at Threadwatch notes. The failure to
update the site with information has drawn criticism. SMA responds in the thread above, saying things have gone slower than wanted — but that the group only wants to update
when it has real news to report.

Certainly an update on the kick-off meeting that was held back in December would be a good addition. I noted
back in January that this happened but had yet to appear on the SMA-UK web site.

Posting the mailings that have gone out to the SMA-UK interest group would also help. That let me know that SMA-UK was at the halfway post, as I also
reported in January. But visiting the site, you’d never know this.

There is plenty going on, as the Threadwatch comments reveal as various people within the SMA-UK working group respond to critics. Even better would be for this news to be
on the SMA-UK site itself.

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