MSN Search’s RSS Feeds

When I did my write-up on the new MSN Search site, I’d mentioned that RSS feeds of search results
were available but clunky in how to get them. That’s because at the time of the write-up, MSN had told me that they didn’t have any special links you could use to get them.
But that quickly changed once the launch actually happened. Do a search, and at the bottom of the results page you should find an orange RSS box. Use that to subscribe to a
feed of that search.

What exactly do you get when subscribing? The top results for the first page of the query you are monitoring. The feed then checks back on whatever schedule you’ve set with
your feed reader to recover any new entries. Say you check once per day. If two new sites rotate into the top results, then you’d get sent a post of each individually.

Important note! If you are outside the US, even if you subscribe to US results, you’ll still get those related to the country you are in. For example, I’m in the UK. I can
override MSN trying to force me to the MSN UK site as I’ve written before. But I can’t do this within my

MSN says it’s aware of this bug and hopes to correct it in the next few weeks.

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