Google Satire Times Three

Spotted via John Battelle, Through The
Looking Glass Pt. II: The Google Guys
is a satirical stream-of-consciousness style look at Larry and Sergey doing Davos. A sampling:

  • I enter the chamber where they are holding court and survey a spread of the best chocolates, wines, cheese, pretty much anything. Come. Eat. Be a Shiny Happy Person…
  • How about Sergey and Larry action figures, fighting the evil overlord Bill with their sunshine superpowers and mega Power Rangers dual mind…
  • We’re in GoogleLand, which is a higher level of dream than just Davos. It has its own reality distortion field, its own laws of gravity….
  • It’s actually not fair that there are two GoogleGuys. As a challenge, they should give Larry to Microsoft and play more fairly…

Meanwhile, The Onion predicts in infographic form what Google will be doing this year. A sampling:

  • Google Good Men, as good men are hard to find
  • Google Apartment, for finding lost shoes, wallets and keys
  • A patent on the concept of finding things
  • Add a "I’m Feeling Unlucky" button to the home page

Finally, at, people with too much time and PhotoShop have been making
things strange and wonderful with the Google home page. Winners so far:

  • Google Zen
  • Google People Who Will Sleep With You
  • Google Treasure Hunt
  • Google Security Wand
  • Google Colon: Search your lower GI tract for things that shouldn’t be there
  • Smeagle, for finding precious
  • Googel: Serch phonetically for werd you don’t know how to spel
  • Google Ex-Girlfriends

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