Google is a Loser in a French Court, Again

For the second time in about two weeks were blogging about Google losing a trademark-infrigement case in France. is reporting that a Paris District Court today ruled against Google in a October 2003 lawsuit filed by high-end fashion deisgner Louis Vuitton.

Google has been ordered to pay $257,430 (200,000 euros) for trademark counterfeiting, unfair competition and misleading advertising.

Louis Vuitton applauded the ruling, highlighting the danger that some sponsored search results tied to its name can promote counterfeits. “It was absolutely unthinkable that a company like Google be authorized, in the scope of its advertising business, to sell the Louis Vuitton trademark to third parties, specifically to Web sites selling counterfeits,” a company representative said in a statement via e-mail.

“This milestone ruling grants protection for the first time to both consumers and brand owners by finding that Google’s Adwords and Premium Sponsorship services as misleading

More in the article, Google loses trademark case in France.

On January 20, we posted about Google losing a trademark case filed in France by Le Meridien Hotels and posted a translation of that decision a few days later.

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