Ask Jeeves To Buy Bloglines?

Postscript, the rumors are confirmed: It’s Official: Ask Jeeves Acquires Bloglines.

Various places are reporting that Ask Jeeves is to acquire the Bloglines feed search and reading service:

  • Ask Jeeves Buys Bloglines at Napsterization is apparently the source of the rumor, though neither Ask
    Jeeves or Bloglines are quoted confirming the acquisition.
  • Ask Jeeves to buy Bloglines? from revisits the Napsterization post and notes that Ask Jeeves has
    scheduled an announcement for Monday.

I can confirm that as with the story we’ve been told Ask Jeeves will be making an announcement today and are preparing a story to release for it. Due to an embargo
on the news, we can’t discuss what we’ve been told unless the embargo broken by someone citing an official Ask Jeeves source.

The Napsterization post notes that the newly launched Ask Jeeves Blog
has had exclusive links to Top Blogs and Most Popular Blog Links provided by Bloglines, further signs of some type of potential partnership.

If the move happens, it will leave Google as the only major portal not offering some type of feed subscription service. See also:

Want to discuss? Visit our forum thread, Ask Jeeves Reportedly Acquires Bloglines.

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