Google Images In OneBox Display Further Supplant Main Results

We’ve had sporadic reports of Google inserting image matches into web results, and Barbara Coll just sent
an example for "united states" that finally works for me and hopefully for you as well. Also try this
one for "united kingdom" or try some other countries.

More important, in the first "united states" example, notice that above the image results insertion, there’s also a book results listing.

Google’s long done what it calls OneBox insertions like this. But to date, I’ve never seen more than one insertion. You’d be shown product results, like
this for dvd players, or news results like
this for iraqi elections but never more than one OneBox insertion with one major
exception: Google Desktop.

Those running Google Desktop might see first Google Desktop results as a OneBox insertion, then a Google specialty search display, like product search. Now with the image
search testing, that example gives me an unprecedented three OneBox insertions.

The insertions also mean that the "main" or "organic" listings move further down the page. This is something I touched on in my SES Chicago keynote last December — anyone
not exploring vertical search had better do so. I illustrated in before and after fashion how such insertions by Google and others are pushing down the "main" results.

For searchers, this is generally good news. Quite often, they should be going to some of the specialized databases out there. For search marketers, this is also good news
as long as you are paying attention to the vertical searches being shown. Failure to do that will mean failure to succeed, in the long term. For more on that see:

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