Rating Super Bowl Advertisers From A Search Marketing Perspective

How did Super Bowl advertisers do in terms of ensuring they had a post-game search presence? Despite last
big New York Times article looking at how search advertising has arrived in terms of Super Bowl advertisers and take up, search marketing firm Reprise Media
concluded efforts could have been better.

  • Brand names were purchased but product-related terms were not, nor were custom landing pages set up. Visa, Pepsi, Degree Antiperspirant and Frito-Lay were hit with the
    worst scores relating to this.
  • Ameriquest, Staples, Napster, CIBA Vision, GoDaddy, Cadillac and CareerBuilder.com won top scores for being clearly visible throughout the major search engines and
    following up on their ads with clear integration on their web sites.
  • Movie companies were dinged by not buying ads linked to the titles of the movies they were pitching on TV. Of course, they may have felt that natural search results would
    give them enough of a presence — or more likely, it’s something they just didn’t think of.

You’ll find a bit more from the Reprise press release. No actual scorecard is shown, however.

Postscript: A scorecard (PDF format) has now been posted, and Reprise talks a bit more on the survey in this blog post.

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