New Video Search Resources from Autonomy and Vodium

Over the past few days I’ve come across announcements about a couple of new video search products.

First, Autonomy has released IDOL IPTV that allows users to search for and manipulate films, TV programmes and music broadcast over the internet. It’s worth mentioning that Autonomy owns Virage, a company that has offered video search tools for several years. According to the news release, this is the technology that Blinkx.TV is using. It’s worth pointing out that Blinkx co-founder, Suranga Chandratillake, was once CTO at Autonomy. It’s also worth mentioning that Bradley Horowitz, the founder of Virage, is now director of search and media at Yahoo!

Second, I spotted a product announcement from Vodium about the release of their MediaTracker technology.

This D.C.-based company has offered a standalone video search product for a couple of years. MediaTracker now allows customers to optimize their video content for crawling by large web engines like Google. Here’s an example:

+ This Google web search: innovation-based cultures includes a direct link to a video of those words being spoken at a university lecture.

Vodium uses speech-recognition technology and human transcription to build the text that you’re actually searching. Neat idea. As I’ve said before, as web engines grow larger and larger and searcher skills remaining like they were when the databases were smaller, the challenge will be not only making the content visible (as Vodium is doing) but also optimizing it again for inclusion into the first few results on a serp. Having access to the transcript would also be very useful for enhancing it’s accessibility in open-web specialty video search tools like Yahoo Video.

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