Speaking Openings At SES New York

I’m looking for two speakers for SES New York for the panels below. If you’re interested, please get in touch.
Please DO NOT pitch to speak on any other panels. Everything else is set, locked-down, completely done. Please also DO NOT pitch for speaking at our
SES San Jose show. Information about pitching to talk at that will be posted on that show’s web site in late March.

The Openings

  • Pay Per Call Ads
    I’m looking for one or two speakers who have actually used pay per call ads who wish to share experiences or a case study story with them. You’d have a 10-15 minute spot.
    Please see the session description for more details about this panel. My preference is for an
    actual merchant that has used the ads, rather than a SEM firm. However, I will consider SEM firms who have actually made use of these programs.
  • Big Site/Big Company SEM
    I’m looking for one speaker who works from within a large company to coordinate in-house SEM work. In particular, I need someone who helps coordinate paid listing
    purchases. Do you have to referee when different departments all want to bid on the same term? If so, then I want you on the panel! Please see the
    session description for more details about this panel.

To be considered, please get in contact by 5PM Pacific time, February 9. If accepted, you’ll be notified via email by February 10. If not accepted, you’ll be
notified if time allows (if I get swamped, which is often the case, I can’t contact everyone — sorry). If accepted, you’ll receive a pass to the show. Transport and
hotel are not covered.

If you are interested in a session above, send me a separate email for each session you are interested in. IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU WANT TO PITCH FOR TWO DIFFERENT

The email should contains 2 to 7 paragraphs or so about what you would cover. I don’t need a long essay — just a succinct flavor of some specific things you might
cover. I’m especially interested in real-life, case study stories that you can tell or tips you can backup from actual experiences.

Also give me a little background about yourself, your company and the type of clients you have or serve. I don’t need a ton of information or anything super formal. Please
don’t send me attachments. Put everything in the email message itself. Send them to me at danny@calafia.com.

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