Search Engine Tools Network Offers Free SEO Utilities

Olivier Andriew, editor of the well-known Abondance site that covers the French search space and search engines in general, in the
French language, has launched a new Search Engine Tools Network offering some free optimization utilities ranging from rank checking to
page analysis.

I’ve never been a big fan of page analysis tools, feeling they lead people into seeking a “perfect page” solution that doesn’t exist (my older In Pursuit Of The Perfect
Page for SEW members explains more). But other tools that caught my eye were:

SE-Bid: Pretty cool at bringing back the paid listing for a term from FindWhat, Google and Overture side-by-side.

SE-Spider: Designed to simulate what a search engine might see and extract from your pages, when it visits them. The caveat here is
that everything shown might not be indexed by particular search engine, such as meta keyword data, ALT text and so on.

SE-Flash: Tries to show you what search engines may extract from Flash files, though I don’t think this should be
taken as a guarantee of exact indexing. Some info on what is suspected to be indexed is here. Also see this further

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