Former Google Employee Mark Jen Was Fired For Blogging

Yahoo blogvangelist Jeremy Zawodny has confirmation that Mark Jen was fired from Google because of his blogging activities. Until now, this was suspected but not confirmed.
A Chat with Mark Jen from Jeremy provides more. More background on Jen’s blog in this past post,
Mark Jen, Controversial Google Blogger, At Google No More.

Jen told Jeremy he didn’t believe he’d done anything wrong and that the interest in his blog took him by surprise. Jeremy then goes on to look at how Yahoo has had to
consider issues of employees blogging and what to allow.

He notes that he’s removed a few posts and made changes at his own blog as part of the process of finding out what the "line" is in terms of what’s acceptable and that
Yahoo is working on formal guidelines.

He calls on Google to do the same, and I’d encourage that. It’s somewhat amazing to read views on some blogs suggesting that employees of a company — whether posting on
their personal blogs or not — might have some type of right to say whatever they want about a company but not suffer any type of repercussion.

Forget blogs. Does anyone think that a company employee could say anything they want about a company in a public forum, to a media outlet or other public venue without
limitation? I’d say not at all.

Rules are definitely helpful, so that everyone knows where they stand.

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