Yahoo! Rebrands Its Music Properties

Yet more news from Yahoo’s media division.

Today, the company is announcing that it’s rebranding, Launch, and its other online music properties as Yahoo! Music.

Yahoo! Music will unify all its music products and services under a single brand identity. The Yahoo! Music branding will be rolled out in the coming months to international properties that currently have LAUNCH sites, including Europe, Australia, and Yahoo! en Espanol.

You’ll spot the new Yahoo! Music logo on the top left side of the page.

In 2004, Yahoo acquired music download and online jukebox service, Musicmatch for $160 Million in cash. The new Yahoo Music logo is also now visible on this site.

I wonder if one of these days Google will begin trying to organize (and sell) all of the world’s music. Only time will tell. We do know that Google owns the domain.

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