Big Four Confirmed For Indexing Summit

The Indexing Summit is on!

The what? Earlier this year, I said it would be great to have some type of indexing summit, where search
engines could hear and discuss ideas on what web site owners would like in terms how their content gets indexed.

I went forward with scheduling one for our upcoming SES New York show and just got a last confirmation for the panel. All four major crawlers, Yahoo, MSN Search, Google and
Ask Jeeves, will be taking part — and much thanks to all of them for stepping forward to participate.

Don’t expect anything immediate to come out of the panel. It’s unlikely that any new ideas will be suddenly embraced by all four then and there. But it is an opportunity to
raise ideas for them to consider and hear some preliminary thoughts about why something might or might not be workable.

What type of ideas? Well…

  • Wish you could control exactly what a search engine spiders, such as tagging content that should or should not be indexed, such as page navigational elements?
  • Wish there was a way you could explain to a search engine that although you have five different domain name names that resolve to the same site, THIS domain name is the
    one you want used?
  • Wish all the search engines agreed on what they will and will not index in terms of Flash, JavaScript, CSS and so on?
  • Wish there was a paid support system where you could get express answers on indexing questions?

Those are just some of the ideas that might be put to the panel. Your help is needed to provide some other things you’d like. Please come over to this forum thread:
Ideas For The Indexing Summit. There, I’ll be mining the ideas that come out for good things to raise
to the panel.

For those looking for more background, see:

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