Mark Jen Posts His Story

Former Google employee Mark Jen as posted his story “direct from the source” about his terminiation on his ninteyninezeroes blog. Jen does not offer specifics as to what Google said to him but does say, “on january 28th, 2005, I was terminated from Google. Either directly or indirectly, my blog was the reason.” Jen adds that his firing came as a “great shock” since just two days before his firing, Google reviewed his blog and he removed the material (financials, future product info, etc.) that Google didn’t made public.

Other things we learn:

+ He agrees with Scoble, about waiting longer before starting his blog.

+ Jen felt like he was joining a startup company.

+ Jen says that this has been a great learning experience and mentions one (of many) things he’s learned is that he’s, “willing to take a stand” for what he believes.”

+ Jen writes that he understands where Google is coming from but doesn’t agree with their stance.

+ He believes, “blogging is the next big thing on the internet” and “companies that are confident in their offerings should let employees spread the word.”

+ He says that Google is a public company and is not either good or evil.

+ Jen ends his post by reminding readers that he’s got talent and is now looking for a job.

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