Yahoo Desktop Search for the Enterprise?

Desktop search tools to move from desktop to Intranet, is the title of a ZDNet article that includes comments from Peter Crowe, head of search at Yahoo Australia and New Zealand, about possibly offering an enterprise version of their desktop search application.

It is not hard to imagine the timesaving that will be available — especially in larger organisations — as people find their information more quickly. If that information is not being indexed and available for query then clearly you are not seeing the full picture. That is where a lot of people are heading — it is clear that there is a great opportunity to provide a service with that type of execution,” said Crowe.

Verity recently announced a partnership with Yahoo to include web search results (and sponsored links) when a searcher runs an enterprise search using Verity software. This is also another example of federated search. In other words, keeping materials in disparate databases and merging them together at the time of the search.

It’s also worth mentioning that desktop search at the enterprise level was available long before desktop search wars broke out in 2004. X1, the technology that Yahoo Desktop Search uses, already offers an enterprise version. Coveo, dtsearch and many others also offer this type of technology.

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