An Interview with the Developer of Yahoo’s YQ!

JB points to an interview on the Yahoo Search Blog with Reiner Kraf, the developer of Yahoo’s new YQ! contextual search tool that Chris reviewed for SearchDay.

Y!Q was designed to address two key issues: First, we want to provide convenient access to search functionality at the point of inspiration. Second, we want to push relevant and enhanced results related to the context and provide superior relevancy for search results. If we’re doing a good job for one and two, I think Y!Q has a very good chance of being adapted and used widely. Users generally use the search tool that is easiest to use and produces the best results. So I believe that Y!Q will be gradually accepted as the next generation search tool of choice.

With YQ!, Blinkx, the recent launch of Intellext, and to a certain degree, the AutoLink feature in the Google Toolbar beta, is contextual search the next “big thing.”

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