Bill Gates: We’re David and Google is Goliath

On ABC World News Tonight, Bill Gates sat down for an interview with Peter Jennings. A couple of times during the interview search and MS competition with Google were discussed. A complete transcript is available here.

The Highlights
+ Smiling, Gates tells Jennings that companies like Google and Apple keep MS on their toes. He says they’re “fantastic” competitors.

+ Bill G. talks about a meeting he’s going to have with the MS Search team:
Well, I have a meeting today with our people doing search. And that’s an area where Google has got out in front, does a very good job. We’re sort of the David vs. Goliath in that (chuckles) particular battle so we’ll have fun talking to them about their progress.

+ Jennings asks Gates about his comments in Davos about MS being as “stupid as hell” for allowing Google to get ahead of them. Gates responds:
Yea, that’s throughout my career, you know, I’ve gotten to make hundreds and hundreds of mistakes sometimes we get into something too early sometimes we have to match what they do but then come with something better there. I think we’re actually one of the few companies that can say with credibility that we’ll give Google some competition. And that’s great for everyone.

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