A New Version of Copernic Desktop Search is Now Available

Copernic has just released a new public beta of their desktop search tool.

Copernic Desktop Search (CDS) 1.5 offers several new features and indexing options that enhance an already robust product. If you’ve never tried this feature filled, easy to use/modify, and free desktop search tool (Windows only), it’s more than worthy of your attention.

Back in August, on the day Copernic Desktop Search was first released, I wrote an overview article about CDS. Since then, it’s not only become a tool that I use all of the time but one many others have found to be a valuable addition to their search arsenal. Copernic has received high marks in head-to-head comparisons of desktop search tools and from many tech
. Just this week, Pandia named Copernic Desktop Search the winner of its Best Desktop Search tool award.

For me, the number one new feature in Copernic Desktop Search 1.5 is that it now will also index and make of all of my iPod music searchable by artist, title, album, date, and genre. The other new feature that I think is worthy of extra attention is that CDS 1.5 will now (if selected) index shared network drive folders.

What else is new? Here are just a few of the highlights:

+ CDS now indexes and makes Eudora (version 5.0+) and Mozilla Thunderbird (version 1.0+) email searchable
+ The entire CDS “preview window” has been improved. You can now easily find all occurrences of a search term in a document using word-find buttons. In many cases, I can find the info I’m need without having to open the actual document. For example, I can search, find, and preview a PDF. Then, right from the preview window I can cut a word or sentence into a Word document. Fast and easy!
+ You can now limit searches for images by file size
+ 20 new file types are indexable
+ Copernic is also announcing the release of an API that will allow developers to build apps to index certain file types

You can find a list of the other new features here.

In case Firefox users are wondering, Copernic announced in December that CDS will index Firefox bookmarks and browsing history.

Kudos to Copernic for continuing to improve an already top-notch product.

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