SEMPO Stats On Click Fraud; Most Worried, Many Confirm A Problem

SEMPO has released stats about click fraud drawn from the The
State of Search Engine Marketing 2004 survey it released in December. For Search Engine Watch members, the
Click Fraud A Worry For Most;
Confirmed Problem For Many
I’ve posted dissects the numbers in a series of charts.

Overall, the stats show that concern over the issue far outweighs those who have seriously tracked it
happening. However, a significant number have tracked and found it to be a problem. Key breakouts:

  • Most marketers — between 36 to 58 percent — said they’re worried about click fraud but haven’t really tracked it much.
  • About one-third of SEM firms/agencies and small marketers report click fraud as a confirmed “moderate” or “significant” problem.
  • Only 15 percent of big marketers report it as a confirmed problem, with my speculation in the article above being that this is because so far, they haven’t found it worth
    the time to track more closely.
  • Only a minority of search marketers, in the range of 23-33 percent, say they aren’t concerned about click fraud.

For more on this topic, see the Search Ads: Clickfraud area
of Search Topics, available to Search Engine Watch members. If you’re attending
Search Engine Strategies New York next week, also be sure to check out the
Click Fraud: A Legal Look session.

Also check out this recent ClickZ article, Click Fraud: What It Is, How to Fight It, looking at
some causes and confusion over click fraud.

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