Impression Spam A Problem For Google Ads?

Earlier this month, our Disabling Google Ads With Bots? post looked at the idea in an article that
automation might be used to help disable Google ads by generating lots of impressions but no clicks. Why bother with "impression spam" or "impression fraud?" The idea is that
it could get your competitors kicked out for a short-period of time, letting you buy ads at a cut rate.

Impression Spam Worries Google Advertisers from ClickZ picks up the idea
anew with a few quotes, mainly focusing on one marketer seeing this a problem. Google says it really isn’t much of one. I’ve never really heard it coming up as much of one
either from marketers I’ve spoken with. Usually, the reverse is true — they’re upset ads get disabled for important terms simply because the terms aren’t searched on much.

Have you experienced it? Join our forum thread on the topic, Impression Spam Worries Google Advertisers.

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