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More multimedia search news to report.

Chris Gaither in the LA Times article: Film Download, Search Firms to Link Services, writes about a deal (expected to be formally announced today) that will allow people who use BlinkxTV* to be able to keyword search trailers of films available from Movielink, a web-based service that allows users to download complete films to their computers.

Blinkx uses speech-recognition and other technologies to make a searchable index of trailers for the movie service’s nearly 1,000 titles. The company hopes to expand the index to include dialogue from the movies themselves — so that, one day, users who type “I’ll be back” will find “The Terminator” and be able to download it for a $3.99 rental.

So far, Blinkx has permission from Movielink to index only film trailers, not the films themselves. And even if Movielink expands its service to include TV shows, some hit programs may not be on the Web at any price for years because Internet distribution just doesn’t fit into TV producers’ existing plans.

More in this news release. Also, in this blog post, I offer an overview of several web-based audio/video search tools. Some use closed-captioning associated with the video while others use metadata or speech-recognition technology.

* BlinkxTV is available as a standalone site or via the TV icon on the Blinkx Desktop.

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