Yahoo: Remembering The Early Days

As many of you know, Yahoo! will celebrating their 10th anniversary later this week (March 2nd to be precise) and the AP has put together a wonderful timeline with key dates and milestones in Yahoo’s history.

I also did a bit of research and found some early posts about Yahoo in the Usenet archive and elsewhere. Enjoy!

+ September 21, 1994
Jerry Yang posts about a directory called Yahoo! to the comp.infosystems.www.misc group.

+ September 26, 1994
Someone on comp.infosystems.www.misc says that Jerry and David should be given a medal of honor and then, “locked in a room and never allowed to get lives.”

+ February 1, 1995
An article about Yahoo from the December 1994 Internet Business Journal.

+ The Yahoo! Home Page on March 2, 1995.

+ June 21, 1995
Copy of a Ziff Davis article repoting that Filo and Yang just received VC funding.

+ July 22, 1995
Jerry Yang helps a friend sell an “awesome” car.

+ September 13, 1995
David Filo is scheduled to speak at a Software Forum Internet Special Interest Group.

+ October 31, 1995
David Filo asks for help finding a rack mount case for several SCSI drives.

+ January 17, 1996
Transcript of a television program that aired in October 1995. It includes comments from David Filo and Jerry Yang.

+ February 14, 1996
Jerry Yang is interviewed by Newsbytes about various legal issues.

+ The Yahoo Home Page on October 10, 1996

+ March 31, 1997
The first Annual Report (10-K) Yahoo filed with the SEC. Plenty of interesting history.

+ April 11, 2000
Audio: Jerry Yang speaks to the National Press Club.

Btw, I tracked down all of these links and posted this item while accessing the web (via my Treo phone and laptop) while on a train moving at about 100 mph. Yes, I love the mobile web!

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