Yang and Sullivan Chat, Semel Says that MSN Ad Network Likely

The keynote session here at SES in NYC today was a “fireside chat” between Danny and Yahoo Co-Founder and Chief Yahoo!, Jerry Yang. You can read Barry’s detailed summary here. Later in the day, Yahoo’s CEO, Terry Semel, shared some thoughts during a presentation at the Bear Sterns Media Conference in Florida. A webcast is available here. The AP story: Yahoo’s Semel Brushes Off Talk of Movies, offers a few highlights from Semel’s presentation.

Key Passages:

+ Semel said it would be ridiculous for Yahoo to produce its own movies or television shows – because the Internet requires more interactive experiences than traditional media.

+ Without providing specifics, Semel indicated Yahoo believes it can provide more compelling material simply by developing additional ways for its 345 million users to create and share more of their own content.

+ Whatever content Yahoo produces, “it has to be more unique and hopefully more clever” than other mass media, Semel said.

+ Semel predicted Tuesday that Microsoft is likely to break away and form its own advertising network to compete with the ones run by Yahoo and online search engine leader Google Inc.

In November, MSN extended their contract with Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions (formerly Overture) through June 2006.

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