Are VoIP Services on the Horizon for Search Providers?

In January, Danny blogged about speculation (at a fever pitch for a few days) about Google launching a VoIP telephone service. Today, Jim Hu at calmly discusses what Google, Yahoo, and MSN are or are not up to in the article: Search giants hear voices.

+ Google has not announced plans to offer VoIP service, and declined to comment for this story.

+ “We are definitely looking at the space closely,” Yahoo spokeswoman Terrell Karlsten said. “We’re figuring out how to enhance and expand into the voice space by leveraging those properties.” Yahoo has already launched a PC-based voice service in the United Kingdom. Microsoft plans to embed voice calling into its enterprise instant-messaging software.

+ AOL plans to launch an Internet phone service this month.

Postscritpt: See also Google window-shops for VoIP.

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