Australia’s Ansearch Will Use Overture Ads

Ansearch, the new Australia web engine that is set to formally launch on March 31 (we’ve been blogging about it since November) has signed a two-year deal with Overture (aka Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions) to provide pay-per-click ads. Additional info in the ZDNet Austalia article: Ansearch signs pay-per-click ad deal. The article also touches on a couple of “new” features that will be available when Ansearch launches.

For its formal launch on March 31, Ansearch will introduce a new features including returning search results based firstly on the relevancy of Web sites to a keyword search and then ranking relevant Web sites according to their popularity with Australian users. Ansearch will also display search results as single Web sites, not single web pages, reducing the number of results (and clutter) but increasing the amount of information available to the user on each Web site.

Btw, I’ve noticed that Ansearch is now providing some cached content, detailed info about pages, and a page with direct links (aka “site map”) to various parts of a web site.

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