Claria Debuts RelevancyRank: Search Ranking By Behavioral Activity

Claria, the company behind the Gator eWallet software, has
released new search relevancy ratings today examining how the top search listings on Google, MSN
and Yahoo compare to pages the company says its research shows are actually most relevant. More important, the ratings mark the first use of technology Claria hopes will let
it improve the results of major search engines or perhaps offer its own improved search engine.

You’ll find the ratings in this company press release, and I examine them more in the
Claria Unveils Behaviorial-Based Search Ranking article now posted for Search Engine Watch
members. In short, this isn’t a battery of tests that you can take to the bank to know who
is best.

Instead, it’s really meant to showcase the bigger point Claria wants to make. It’s now going public with its RelevancyRank
system that uses behavioral data to determine what it believes are the best pages on the web for any particular term.

Claria computes this by both monitoring the activities of web surfers and searchers through its own software applications and with partnerships it has with publishers. The
company’s plan is that the technology will either be licensed to search providers looking to use its data or it may release its own search engine powered by clicktracking and
behavioral data itself.

More on this “third generation” of clicktracking in this article for SEW members,
Claria Unveils Behaviorial-Based Search Ranking.

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