Getting Answers From’s CEO

The answer man from has GuruNet CEO Bob Rosenschein — whose company runs — answering some questions of his own, such why the company will succeed at
making money this time, when it failed previously, how it’s not competing with other search engines, even though some think it is.

As for search engines having “lists” built into their DNA, that DNA has long been evolving into direct answers, as we’ve written before. In other words, some people assume
that is somehow going to wipe out search engines by providing direct answers. The search engines are doing that now, have been doing it and are growing it even
more. Our forum thread Who knows looks at this more, with comments from me.

The key thing everyone needs to understand is that search engines are not about spidering 8 billion pages anymore, as Rosenschein puts it. They are evolving into providing
answers from spidering or from gather that from any other source that fulfils the role of answering questions. My
Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Developments With Consumer Search article examines this more.

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